Artistic approach

Through my painting, I seek to release atmospheres that are conducive to some kind of introspection. My approach is intuitive. Starting from an emotion, a spontaneous gesture, I assemble shapes and colors that come together to evoke a certain ambiance. I discover it at the same time as I paint it.


Such process takes time. I can work on a painting a few hours a day for several weeks, until something emerges and gives me satisfaction.

In this process, I go through a whole range of emotions. There are discoveries, beautiful moments of joy and sometimes also drama, when everything that I have patiently built suddenly breaks up and disappears. Then something new is reborn from this chaos and at some point the painting is finished, leaving an impression of contentment and the anticipated pleasure of sharing it. The process has finally achieved a balance where I feel that things are in their place.


Writing is an integral part of my artistic approach and takes place in much the same introspective way as my painting process.

The two are done in parallel, and then at one point they meet. Sometimes the painting inspires the text, or vice versa, but more often than not, the two have their own path and join at some point during the creation process.

Each of my paintings is thus accompanied by a poem that prolongs the visual experience and underlines the emotion.


My artistic approach is as much a research on myself as a journey in writing and visual arts.

For most of us, painting and writing are solitary activities. It is as if I was dancing with myself, hour after hour, day after day, and the dance was opening spaces through which something could be born through shapes and colors, or through words.  Sometimes, when I feel peace and calm in and around me, it can be comforting. It can also be challenging when I go through moments of difficulties or self-doubt.

Paradoxically, it is also a way to recognize my own solitude, to sculpt it into a work of art and to share the emotion around me.

My relation to time also plays a key role in my approach. I realize that everything that I have experienced so far in my life has brought me to this very moment that I am living. It is a space-time of greater freedom, which becomes the backdrop on which I paint and write.